Nikon D5100 “Insert another card” error solution in Macbook Air

I was taking photos with my Nikon and an SD card that was no more than two months old.  And got this awkward error message:”This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged. Insert another card”. I thought I’d lose my photos. I took the SD card out of the camera and was unreadable from the Mac. First Aid was no use at all. All buttons were gray.

I even tried inserting it on a Windows machine. Told me to format it. I then tried software and felt relieved that it found my pictures, but it asked me to PAY TO GET THEM TO USE THEIR APP TO GET MY PHOTOS. No way.

Then I remembered that as Mac OS is Unix there should be some Linuxy solution to this (fsck).

The only thing you need to notice is that partitions in the mac use different device names than in linux. Look at /dev: Is easy to find something like /dev/rdisk0 (The hard drive). When I plugged the SD card again, there was /dev/rdisk1 and its partition /dev/rdisk1s1… Since it is a fat partition you need just to run this command in your console:

sudo fsck_msdos /dev/rdisk1s1

And voilá! I took it out and plug it in again and was perfectly recognized.