Smalltalks 2010: A first approach

It has been quite a week. The experience of being at Smalltalks 2010 in Argentina was beyond any expectations I might have had. ¿The reason? It wasn’t only the keynotes, neither being in another country for the first time: It was because of meeting and feeling a part of the smalltalk community.

I came from Chile with several friends and classmates. Since we reached the airport, people have been taking care of us, and trying to make us feel comfortable and at home. It was very nice. We really have to thank alfonsina and the people of Caesars. It was also pretty awesome the amount of oportunities where you could talk with interesting people during the conference, from VM Hackers to researchers. I could ask questions, put my opinions over the table and mostly listen, feeling not as a foreigner but as part of the global team of the smalltalkers.

Everything began with the arrival at Caesar Smalltalk on wednesday. This company in Buenos Aires is just awesome. They work in the nicest place possible, a club with huge gardens and in nice offices. You can see at first glance that they are doing what they like, and making money. During the day, people from different parts of the world joined us at Caesars, we had lunch and after that, a very interesting talk near the swimming pool. We finally took the bus to Concepción del Uruguay.

I also met people from Cincom Smalltalk. Up to one week ago, smalltalk seemed to me just as an interesting research topic, an academic effort to program nicer. I remember talking with classmates and hearing things like “Yeah, Smalltalk, nice. But where can you work on that afterwards?” Well, there ARE a lot of interesting places to do it, and there is a need for smalltalk programmers (or at least it seems to be).

Finally, I met a different language option with future, as seen in Gilad talks: Newspeak. It removes the need for a global environment, has no mutation and you can plug just what you need in scope. So it seems as an interesting project to collabrate with and could take some of my time in the upcoming months.

The social event was just awesome. It was like a family meeting: talking, and hearing a friend playing the guitar. He seemed a little bit unreachable before the “concert”: talking of very technical stuff. Suddenly, he seemed reachable and kind of a friend. Everybody clapped after that little concert.

It was a very good experience. I met a lot of people and felt part of the Smalltalk community. I’ll have to collect some money to come back again next year!


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CS Student at University of Chile.

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